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Public Safety can be reach at 570-588-6962

and the officers on patrol can be reached at 570-269-8842.


Community Role and Responsibilities

  • 1) Patrols assigned beat and responds to emergency calls to protect persons or property from crimes, fires, or other hazards: Patrols assigned area on foot or vehicle to regulate traffic, control crowds, or  detain violators.
  • 2) Responds to crimes in progress, initiating actions such as aid to victims and interrogation of suspects.
  • 3) Attends public gatherings to maintain order.
  • 4) Responds to fire alarms or other emergency calls.
  • 5) Administers first aid and artificial respiration to injured persons.
  • 6) Participates in drills and emergency precautionary demonstrations.
  • 7) May inspect establishments for compliance with local regulations.