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Pine Ridge Community Association

Homeowners Association Inc.



Rules and Regulations

Violations and Fines Schedule


      April 2024




Table Of Contents


Rights and Responsibilities

Public Safety

Motor Vehicles-General

Motor Vehicles-Traffic

Outdoor Recreation Areas



Regulations for Tree Cutting

Requesting Grievance Hearing

Good Neighbor Policy

Fee Schedule





All covenants and restrictions contained in the Members Deed including
Schedule A to Real Property in this community apply. A property owner in violation of
any of the reservations, covenants, restrictions, easements, and/or conditions on Schedule 
A, after warning, if applicable will be subject to a fine, unless otherwise noted, if not


Members in Good Standing Have the Right To: 

A responsive and competent community association.

Honest, fair, and respectful treatment by the Board of Directors and all staff.

Participate in governing the community association by attending meetings,
serving on committees, standing for election and all that the bylaws allow.

Access appropriate association books and records, in accordance with the bylaws.

Live in a community where the property is maintained according to established

Fair treatment regarding financial and other association obligations, including the
opportunity to discuss payment plans and options with the office.

Receive all documents that address rules and regulations governing the
community association if not prior to purchase and settlement by a real estate
agent, attorney then upon joining the community.

Appeal to appropriate office staff for those decisions affecting non-routine
financial responsibilities or property rights.


Residents Have the Responsibility To: 

Read and comply with (ALL) governing documents of the community, as well as
keeping abreast of all changes and amendments.

Maintain their property according to established standards.

Treat board of directors and staff with respect.

Deed Members in good standing can only vote in community elections and on other issues if in good.

Contact office to discuss financial obligations and alternative payment arrangements.

Provide current contact and household information to the association office to
help ensure they member/renters receives information from the community.

Ensure that those who reside on their property (e.g., tenants, relatives, friends)
adhere to all rules and regulations.



Rights and Responsibilities for a Better Community 

Board Of Directors Have the Right To:

Fulfill their fiduciary duties to the community and exercise discretion in a manner
they reasonably believe to be in the best interests of the community regardless of
personal interests.

Exercise sound business judgment to make the best decisions for the association
and follow established management practices, taking into consideration all
available information, circumstances, and resources according to the Bylaws.

Act within the boundaries of their authority as defined by bylaw and the governing
documents of the association while balancing the needs and obligations of the
community with those of individual homeowners and residents.

Establish committees or use other methods to obtain input from owners and non-
owner residents.

Welcome and educate new members of the community—owners and non-owner
residents alike.

Encourage input from residents on issues affecting them personally and the
community as a whole.

Encourage events that foster neighborliness and a sense of community.

Conduct business in a transparent manner when feasible and appropriate.

Allow homeowners access to appropriate community records, when requested by filling out a right to know form.

Collect all monies due from owners and non-owner residents.

Devise appropriate and reasonable arrangements, when needed and as feasible, to
facilitate the ability of individual homeowners to meet their financial obligations
to the community.

Provide a process residents can use to appeal decisions affecting their non-routine
financial responsibilities or property rights—where permitted by bylaws and Pine Ridge Community governing documents.

Provide complete and timely disclosure of personal and financial conflicts of interest related to the actions of joining the board, or a committee.



Reveal Confidential Information provided by contractors or share information
with those bidding for association contracts unless specifically authorized by
the board.

Make unauthorized promises to members, employees, bidders, or contractors.

Advocate or support any action or activity that violates law or regulatory

Use their positions or decision-making authority for personal gain or to seek
advantage over another owner or non-owner resident.

Spend unauthorized association funds for their own personal use or benefit.

Accept any gifts – directly or indirectly – from owners, residents, contractors
or suppliers.

Misrepresent or omit known facts in any issue involving association business.

Divulge personal information about any association owner, resident, employee
or vendor that was obtained in the performance of board duties or allude to
information by any means where another can get the gist of the information
you are disclosing to circumvent confidentiality and privacy.

Make any personal attacks on colleagues, staff, or residents.

Harass, threaten, or attempt through any means to control or instill fear in any
board member, owner, resident, employee, or contractor.

Reveal to any owner, resident or other third party the discussions, decisions
and comments made at any meeting of the board properly closed or held in
executive or working session.



Observe only, unless board opens floor on a topic and sets member time limits which member agrees to adhere to.

Disorderly conduct or any disruption while observing at board meetings, can be ejected from a meeting by the board, manager, or public safety. Any member asked to leave and refused will be fined $1000.00

No Meeting of the membership, board or otherwise may be recorded in any way by any medium, except by the board secretary. Members in good standing will have access to meeting minutes after they are approved.





Homeowners be aware that the PRCA Public Safety Department including but not limited to the board of directors, community employees, and designated board approved volunteers like school crossing guards are to enforce the Schedule A, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. The PRCA Public Safety Department is tasked with providing a visible deterrence to members’ quiet enjoyment of their property while also enforcing safety of members, guests, staff, volunteers and vendors who enter the community. In addition, the Public Safety Department is tasked with responding to all calls of service along with other responsibilities. During the course of responding to calls for service and while enforcing the schedule A, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations, Public Safety Officers may be required to go on members property during the course of their investigation or while performing their duties. Members will have the right to ask the Officer to vacate their property unless member is in violation of Schedule A and officers may continue their investigation from the property or other vantage point such as the roadway or easement. Members grant access for Association staff to enter your Lot according to your schedule A. It must be understood by all members that neither the community staff, the board of directors of the association, volunteers or otherwise acting on behalf of the PRCA shall be responsible in any way for any errors, failures, and or interpretations of the rules and regulations. Furthermore, the members, their successors, and assigns shall indemnify, hold harmless, protect, exonerate and defend the Officers, Management, and any person acting on behalf of them, from and against any and all costs, claims, or liabilities arising out of actions taken or decisions made while administering the schedule A, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations and while performing assigned work duties.

Citation(s) may be based on information in a written complaint and/or physical evidence supplied by members of the Community, Pine Ridge employees, Public Safety Officers, and law enforcement officers.




  1. All motor vehicles MUST be registered, insured and inspected as required by state law and MUST be registered with P.R.C.A. Failure to properly register a motor vehicle with P.R.C.A. – FINE: $100.00 per week until remedied.
  2. Owner’s name and address, lot number and section
  3. vehicle identification number
  4. make, model, year and color of vehicle
  5. license plate number
  6. ALL motor vehicles operated within P.R.C.A. must be operated by a valid licensed driver or holder of a valid learner’s permit with a valid licensed driver in the vehicle. – FINE: $100.00
  7. ATV, dirt bikes, mini-bikes, snowmobiles, and the like are prohibited in P.R.C.A. Property FINE: $200.
    EXCEPTIONS: The use of an ATV for lawn work, snow removal, or on personally owned property, operated by a licensed driver and equipped with working head and taillights.


  1. All children under the age of 18 must be in THEIR OWN seatbelt or Car-seat restraint. Fine $100each child not properly restrained, each offense. NO WARNINGS ARE ISSUED


  1.  Blocking the Bus Lane – When vehicles are backed up at the gate, vehicles must stay behind the designated area.  FINE $100


  1.  Driving through the Wrong Way – Any camera caught or visual of wrong way entry, which endangers opposite traffic or otherwise Fine $1000


  1. Loitering- Anyone parking in bus area, without prior written permission from office/public safety Fine: $200Exception: When vehicles are temporarily put out of commission due to severe snowstorms; in which members are asked to contact the office to notify public safety of this measure.



All traffic control signs and parking restrictions are to be obeyed by all motorized vehicles. Failure to observe traffic control sign will be assessed as follows:


  1.  SPEEDING – 11 mph over the speed limit FINE: $150.00Speeding fines are doubled during school hours and while kids are walking to and from the bus area.
  2.  RECKLESS DRIVING or CARELESS DRIVING including driving over the speed limit by 20 mph FINE: $200.00
  3. C.  STOP SIGN – FINE: $50.00
  4.  YIELD SIGN – FINE: $50.00
  5.  WRONG WAY – FINE: $100.00
  6.   NO PASSING – FINE: $100.00
  7.  NO PASSING SCHOOL BUS with RED flashing lights – FINE $300.00
  10.  TEXTING WHILE DRIVING IS PROHIBITED – Hands free operation of cell phone is allowed FINE: $50.00
  11.  ALL VEHICLES operated within P.R.C.A. must have its rear license plate exposed at all times in accordance with state law – FINE: $50.00
  12.  FOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY: The driver of a motor vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard for the speed of the vehicles and the traffic upon and the condition of the roadway.  FINE: $100
  13.  Reduced speeds posted in all parking areas, School Bus Stop Areas and Mailbox areas, will be subject to Speeding Fines as stated above and double fines.
  14.  No person shall be permitted to ride in the bed of a pickup truck, trunk of a vehicle, tail end of a vehicle with tailgate open or closed, ride in a trailer of any kind under any circumstances, or hanging outside of a vehicle’s windows or sunroof.  FINE $100
  15.  Any motor home or trailer must be registered and insured and only one of these types may be parked on your property to the side or rear. However, they shall not be used as living quarters under any circumstance. FINE for more than 1 is $500 per month until corrected. The FINE for Living Quarters is $1,000without warning. After two (2) weeks the fine will be doubled.




  1. Student drop off must be done in the designated lanes without crossing any barriers or other ongoing traffic areas.  FINE: $100
  2. No Movement of vehicles for the first two rows facing the bus lane, while bus is present whether or not flashing lights are on/or in use. This is for the safety of the children loading and unloading. FINE: $200
  3. Parking only in designated areas unless authorized in advance by Office FINE: $100 Please note: Student parking passes can be obtained by contacting the PRCA Office. Passes must be displayed.
  4. Obstructing the flow of traffic once the passengers leave the vehicle, the driver must proceed onward. FINE: $50
  5. No waiting with passengers in the drop off lane, passengers must immediately leave the car and the driver moves on. Fine: $50
  6. Only passengers can be dropped off in the drop off lane or designated parking spots. No other drop-off points allowed for the safety of the children.  Fine: $50
  7. No playing or standing in Bus Lane Fine: $50
  8. No Commercial Vehicles or oversized vehicles are allowed in parking lot or school zones to pick up passengers Fine: $100
  9. No Vehicles towing anything including but not limited to trailers or any strapped down items on or on top of vehicles or otherwise in parking lot and school zones during unloading and loading of pupils. Fine: $50
  10. No vehicle can take two spots in the parking lot and no person can hold a spot for any other person. Fine: $100
  11. No passing through the drop off lane or running over, under or through barriers. Only use designated entrances. Fine: $100
  12. Board Approved Crossing Guards can hand out citations.
  13. No overloaded vehicles allowed. Every child in the seat is wearing a seatbelt. No children on laps, floor, or multiple kids seat belted. $200 fine per occurrence, per child.CA Office Administration and Student Parking Permit to be made available from the Pine Ridge office to park in bus parking area Monday thru Friday, but to be parked no later than midnight. The permit should be printed in bright colored paper which could be laminated and is only good for that school year. Permit should be placed on dashboard of parked vehicle.  Violators will be towed at vehicle owner’s expense. Immediate towing may take place without warning in the event of severe weather, snow, ambulance, fire or police emergency, or if the vehicle is obstructing traffic unless office administration/public safety is informed by owner of an emergency situation as it unfolds where the vehicle is forced to park – FINE: $100.00


  1. ALL MOTOR VEHICLES shall not be operated or parked on recreation properties unless they are in AUTHORIZED parking areas – FINE: $50.00


  1. PARKING IN HANDICAPPED SPACES without a handicapped place card, sticker or license plate is PROHIBITED – FINE: $200.00


  1. CONTRACTORS AND CONTRACTED WORK – Contractor’s hours are as following: Monday – Friday 9:00am -6:00pm; Saturday – 10:00am – 6:00pm. Contractors are not allowed in on Sundays and Legal Holidays. Homeowners will be fined $25.00 per hour with a minimum Fine of $100, if Contractors are at a residence beyond accepted contractor hours, or on a member’s property doing work. Exception: Emergencies are allowed on Sundays and must be proven.


  1. NO MORE THAN ONE (1) unregistered vehicle may be maintained at an improved lot as long as the vehicle is equipped with four (4) wheel tires and is either completely covered on all sides with acceptable tarpaulin approved by P.R.C.A office, reaching no more than six (6) inches from the ground. Unregistered vehicles may not be parked on vacant lots or driven on Pine Ridge Community roads. The FINE $100.0010 days to remedy and $100 per day additional thereafter until member is compliant.


  1. No construction equipment can be stored, parked, or maintained on the front of property FINE $1000. If a member has a commercial vehicle as part of their employment, the Commercial Company and all commercial vehicles must be registered at the PRCA office. Unregistered vehicles will be assessed a fine of $1000.


  1. Automobiles, pickup trucks and other vehicles may be towed, pushed or otherwise brought in the P.R. community by means other than their own power under the following circumstances:


  • The record title owner of the vehicle is a Pine Ridge member or tenant properly registered with the P.R. office as required by these Rules & Regulations.
  • The vehicle is properly registered with the P.R. member or tenant as required above, or shall be maintained in compliance with Section III of these Rules & Regulations


  1. As required by the Pennsylvania vehicle code, after dark all motor vehicles must have a full set of operating lights. FINE: $100.00


  1. Bicycles operated after dark must be equipped with a head and tail light and rear reflectors. FINE: $50.00


  1. Children under 12 must have proper helmets when operating bicycles or any device on Community Roadways. FINE: $50.00

NO tractor trailer can be stored, parked, or maintained, on any member the front of their property-1 FINE $1000.






  1. Any homeowner, organized group or club within the community wishing to use
    any of the common outdoor recreational areas for a personal or community
    function shall notify the Association prior to such use and shall leave a security
    deposit of $100 which will be refunded after area has been cleaned up
  2. When on duty, lifeguards or Pool Attendants in the absence of Lifeguards are
    the authority regarding pool and water safety conditions; they must be obeyed at
    all times.


  • First offense – EJECTION.
  • Second offense – FINE – $200
  • Third Offense – Member loses pool access for the season. Board Approved Pool
    Attendants are authorized to write citations.


  1. Congregating around the lifeguard/ or pool attendant stations is prohibited.
  2. Diving is not permitted in the pool or at the lakes.



  • First offense:Ejectment
  • Second offense: – $200
  • Third offense: a fine plus loss of all pool access for the season.



No swimming or diving is permitted in Maple Lake or the Lower Pond – FINE – $200.


  1. No “rough play” by residents, guests, or lifeguards, or any other conduct which
    endangers life or property or interferes with the normal enjoyment of recreation
    facilities by others. EJECTION from the area.
  2. No glass permitted at any time in pool areas. WARNING. –FINE – $500.
    If broken glass gets in pool, then FINE the Greater of $3000 or the cost to
    pay for water replacement in pool and other repairs as needed.


  1. SMOKING or VAPING is NOT permitted on any community owned property,
    common area and recreational areas whether inside or outside of any building or
    vehicle including but not limited to the school bus stop, in the playground beside
    the pool at the Clubhouse and at the children’s playground at Schoonover and
    Clubhouse, except in designated areas.

All school zones within 50 yards of any children is NOT PERMITTEDFine $500

  1. Children under 16 years old in the pool area must be accompanied by an adult at
    all times unless a waiver is sign by the parent allowing the 16 years old only to be at the pool by themselves. EJECTION from the pool.
  2. Regardless of age, changing of attire is limited to dressing rooms provided for
    that purpose.


  • First offense
  • Second offense – EJECTION from the pool area.


  1. Diapers/little swimmers or any like product must be changed in the bathrooms.

and disposed of properly by placing them in a plastic bag that is securely
fastened and placed in the refuse receptacle.


  • First Offense – WARNING
  • Second Offense – EJECTION from the pool area


  1. Children of diaper age or not toilet trained must wear Little Swimmers or any
    like product that is rubber lined and leak proof. Diapers, plastic pants, and bare
    bottoms are not permitted.


  • First Offense–WARNING
  • Second Offense – EJECTION from the pool area.


No toys fewer than 10 inches are permitted in the pools. 

  • First Offense–WARNING 
  • Second Offense—EJECTION from the pool area.


  1. PETS:
  • All dogs must be registered with the office

PET FINE – $100


  • All dogs must be leashed at all times and must NOTbe allowed to run at
    large in the community.


Each additional incident thereafter is $500


  • No pets of any kind, with the exception of trained service dogs, are
    permitted in the enclosed areas of the pool, basketball courts, or tennis
    Dogs are not permitted in any common recreational area when a
    community function is being held EXCEPTION DOGS ARE ALLOW


  • First Offense – WARNING
    Second Offense – Ejection from the area – noncompliance FINE $100.


    No fowl, farm, or exotic animals, including but not limited to chickens,
    roosters, or ducks, shall be kept as household pets or raised for
    commercial purposes on the premises of the homeowner.


As per Schedule A no breeding of any kind is allowed on any
Property excluding dogs and cats.


  • FINE: $200 per breed animal
  1. Members and visitors to the pool must have pool badgeswhich must be
    presented at the pool entrance. Members should be able to show upon request.
  2. Only members and tenants in good standing and guests of members in good
    standing are authorized to use any of the recreational facilities, including the
    pool, clubhousetennis courts, basketball courts, picnic areas, etc. Pool Badges
    must be shown to authorize personnel when requested.  Noncompliance:


  • First Offense – EJECTION from the area
  • Second Offence – FINE – $100


  1. A member NOT in good standingMAY NOT use any facility as a guest of a
    member in good standing.


  • First Offense – FINE – $100
  • Second offense –good standing member will lose pool privileges for the season.


  1. Combustion motor powered boats are prohibited/not allowed on any lake; electric powered
    boats are allowed.


  • First & Second Offense FINE – $100.


  1. Hunting and trapping within the PINE RIDGE community boundaries is strictly
    prohibited (STATE LAW APPLIES).


  1. No Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the Pool Area, Basketball courts, Tennis courts, Baseball field and Track, and parking lots.


  • First offenseEJECTION from area
  • Second offense – Fine $100. (All parking lots)
  • Second offense – Fine $500 (School Bus Area)





  1. It is the responsibility of the person who rents the clubhouse, or the organizer of a
    community event to ensure that the premises are left clean after use and wait for
    Public Safety to sign off and secure the premises including around the front of the clubhouse. All cigarette butts must be picked up before Public Safety signs off on the cleaning. The renter of the clubhouse is responsible for damages to the premises.

FINE –LOSS OF DEPOSIT Plus $25 per hour Cleaning or reorganizing fee and $100 garbage fee if applicable.

  1. Public Safety will check the premises after the event ends and clean up, after a
    reasonable time, has finished.
  2. Individuals who have rented the clubhouse or need to open the Clubhouse for a
    community event, must contact Public Safety.
  3. Minors are not permitted in the Clubhouse unless continuous adult supervision is
    provided. Such adult supervisors assume full responsibility of said minors and
    must leave the area in good order and properly close the clubhouse when leaving – FINE – $50.
  4. Roller skates, ice skates, or any wheeled vehicles, other than wheel-chairs or
    strollers, are prohibited in the clubhouse.

FINE – $50 plus restitution for cost of repairs.

  1. Call for Public Safety Assistance: 


False alarm –

  • First Offense – $25, PSN-2
  • Each occurring Offense thereafter $200


Nuisance and/or unfounded calls


  • First Offense – WARNING,
  • Second Offense – FINE $25.
  • Each occurring Offense thereafter, $50. (Includes calls to Public Safety and
    Dispatch) Multiple occurrences of this type may be determined to be non-compliance of The RULES and REGULATIONS covering disorderly conduct and/or harassment.
    DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Any conduct which causes public inconvenience,
  • annoyance or alarm is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to threatening
    behavior, trespassing, making unreasonable noise or using obscene language in
    public. This applies to property owners, renters, guests, and pets. Depending on
    the severity of the incident, the incident may be reported to the PA State Police.
    DOC FINE:$200.

HARASSMENT: Rule prohibiting harassment or interference with the Board,
Committees Members, Employees, Vendors (presently working with P.R.C.A) and Management
1. The Association recognizes that Board members and Committee members are
volunteers, and wishes to encourage Owners to serve as members of the Board and
Committees and to prevent against verbal, written or physical harassment or interference
of the Board and its Committees. In addition, the Board hires management, employees,
and vendors which are included in these harassment or interference rules accordingly, it
is hereby made a violation of these Rules and Regulation for any owner, tenant, invitee,
licensee, guest or other occupant of the Association to directly or indirectly attempt to
harass or otherwise interfere with a member of the Board, Association employees,
management, vendors or its Committees while acting in his or her capacity for the
Association or to take any action to communicate at an unreasonable hour, to harass
whether verbally, in writing, physically, or to otherwise threaten or interfere with the
right of quiet enjoyment of any member of the Board, its management, employees and
vendors or its Committees because of any action taken by that Board or Committee
member, management, employee and vendors on any issue pending or expected to be
pending before the Board.
It shall further be made a violation of these Rules and Regulations for any owner, tenant,
invitee, licensee, guest or other occupant of the Association to harass or otherwise
interfere with the duties and responsibilities of the Association’s Community Employees.
Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a courteous and neighborly manner towards the Community Employees and shall not take any action to harass whether verbally, in writing, physically, or to otherwise threaten or interfere with the tasks and duties of the Community Employees. If the Association incurs any expense or cost to protect against harassment or interference, the cost shall be chargeable to the Owner in violation of this rule and addition to all other legal remedies available under Pennsylvania law. In addition to the cost or expense above, Anyone determined to be in violation of the above rules and regulations by the Board of Directors or PRCA Employees or it’s approved representatives, will be fined – Fine $1,000 per occurrence.
2. Rule prohibiting interference and/or contact with Association vendors.
No Member may contact any vendor, employee or contractor of the Association without
the express written consent of the Board. The Association shall cause a list of approved
contacts to be sent to each vendor, employee or contractor to prevent conflicting
messages, the ordering of unapproved work and/or services, or otherwise interfering with
any vendor, employee or contractor. No Member may communicate with any vendor,
contractor or employee in any manner while the vendor, contractor, or employee is on
Association property and/or the individual Owner’s property in the performance of their
obligations to the Association. Nothing herein shall prevent an Owner from contacting a
vendor, employee or contractor if the communication is solely related to work contracted
by the Owner and to be paid by the Owner as a separate service and/or charge. In the
event any Owner has a comment or complaint concerning any vendor, they are directed
to contact the Association’s Community office and are not permitted to communicate
directly with the vendor, contractor or employee. Any violation of this contact rule will
be deemed a violation of the Association’s Rules and Regulations and enforced pursuant
to Pennsylvania law and the Association’s governing documents. Anyone determined to
be in violation of the above rules and regulations by the Board of Directors, Community
Manager, Public Safety or it’s approved representatives, will be fined. – Fine $1,000
per occurrence.

  1. A 10 p.m. curfew Sunday through Thursday and 11p.m. on Friday and Saturday
    (see list of definitions) applies in Pine Ridge to all residents and guests of
    residents of the community under the age of 18 years. All Pine Ridge residents or
    guests of residents in Pine Ridge must be under supervision after curfew.
    (“Under supervision” defined as separation distance of no more than 100 feet
    and within eyesight and hearing distance. Adult supervisor must be 18 years of
    age and a Pine Ridge resident; if not a Pine Ridge resident, a duly appointed
    guardian of said property owner.) – FINE – $50.
  2. It is prohibited to carry exposed weapons at any public or private event in the Pine
    Ridge Community. This applies to the clubhouse and parking area, the pool and
    surrounding play areas, basketball courts, the pavilion, the area in and around the
    parking lot at the entrance to the community when school buses are loading or
    unloading, and any community area set aside for recreation. – FINE: $250.
    (July 24, 2013)
  3. Owners who rent their homes must post and maintain a $500 deposit PER

PROPERTY – FINE – $1000.
a. Members are responsible for their guests and tenants and their adherence
to these Rules & Regulations, and for any damages to community
property caused by either party or their invitees. Applicable citation plus


  • TENANTS at the time of registration must pay a one-time fee of $200,
    failure to register within 30 days and pay fee will result in – FINE -$400


  1. Acts of vandalism and malicious acts that cause damage to Association owned
    properties shall be subject to FINE$200 plus restitution for
  2. Anyone throwing rocks at the bus stop will be assessed FINE – $25.
  3. Right of way must not be obstructed by items such as, but not limited to
    basketball poles, fences, posts, signs, barriers, or vehicles. – FINE $50.
  4. The discharge of firearms within the community is strictly prohibited. – FINE – $500
  5. Fireworks are not permitted in the Pine Ridge Community.

 First offense – FINE $100
 Second and each additional offense $500

  1. BURNING BAN: All fires must be attended to. Enclosed recreational burning allowed BUT MUST BE IN SUBMISSION TO LEHMAN TOWNSHIP BANS WHICH MAY BE IN
    garbage is prohibited. Banned fires or out of control fires will be fined $500.00 per incident.
  2. Anyone holding a garage/yard sale must first register with the office and leave a
    $50 deposit. Signs must be removed within 24 hours after the sale or member will
    forfeit the $50 and maintenance will remove the signs. – Fine- $100 for not
  3. Non-profit organizations and groups such as churches, scouts, senior groups, etc.,
    can apply for the use of the common facilities, as long as they are represented by
    a member of the organization, club, etc., who is also a resident of Pine Ridge
    community in good standing along with adding Pine Ridge Community
    Association as additional named insured on the Non-Profit Insurance Policy
  4. Littering anywhere in the community is prohibited. – FINE $100
  5. Dumping of refuse in community dumpsters is prohibitedUsing community
    dumpsters to discard large household items, including, but not restricted to
    mattresses, furniture, garden furniture, etc., is strictly prohibited. -1 FINE $300.
  6. FOR SALE Homes for sale signs may not be erected on any property in the
    community except for ASSOCIATION owned properties; members may post
    homes or lots for sale on the community portal, or website. Rule does not apply to
    vehicles for sale. – FINE $200. Every 10 days sign remains erected.
  7. Laundry lines may not be visible from the front of homes, or toward any road.
    WARNING -1 FINE $50.
  8. Cash, checks, money orders will be accepted as payment for dues, fees,
    assessments, payments prior to civil complaint fees, etc. Checks must be received
    10 days prior to membership meetings/elections to be eligible to participate.
    Payment should be made at the community office. Pine Ridge also accepts VISA
    and MASTER CARD credit cards for payment, there is a 3% processing fee for this service
  9. Monroe and Pike Counties mandated emergency locating 911 signs in 2011.

Each residence is required to comply with this ordinance by posting a green with
white reflective lettering sign. Further information can be obtained by contacting
Pine Ridge office and/or the Lehman Township office. Non-compliance- FINE $200 and
Every 30 days until compliance




  1. Clearing or excessive cutting of trees contributes to poor water drainage,
    which is a major concern in this community. The ecological and aesthetic
    effect of excessive tree cutting are obvious.
  2. Tree cutting rules are as follows:


  • Trees may not be cut down (felled in Pine Ridge. “Pruning trees is
  • Exception- Trees which may present a dangerous situation or are
    dead/rooting may only be cut-down after approval by Public Safety,
    Manager or Maintenance.
  • Lots undergoing “new construction” will adhere to the PRCA
    construction regulation until construction is completed, at which time
    the homeowner will comply with the Temporary Ban of the Tree


  • Violation of the Tree Cutting Ban will result in a Fine of $500.00
    assessment per tree.
  • Residents may cut down trees up to 6 inches in diameter. Any tree over 6 inches requires a permit from the office.


A. Any citation may be brought before the Grievance Committee.

  1. Grievance appeals must be submitted in writing to the Pine Ridge community
    office within 15 days of receipt of citation.
  2. The Grievance Committee shall attempt to hear the appeal within thirty (30) days.
  3. Grievance committee meets the second Saturday of the month at 9 a.m., by
    appointment, at which time the case for dismissing or upholding an citation
    will be considered.
  4. Members of Pine Ridge, Public Safety, Pine Ridge employees, and other
    individuals with relevant testimony may testify and/or submit evidence in the case
    under review.
  5. All relevant evidence may be presented, including photographs and DVD’s.
  6. A Grievance hearing will be rescheduledone (1) time if a member is unable to
    attend and notifies the office in advance.
  7. Failure to attend a scheduled or rescheduled hearing will result in the citation
    being upheld.
  8. The decision of the Grievance Committee may not be appealed.

    It is the intention of the following guidelines to aid the growth of the Pine Ridge
    Community Association and to help bring forth mutual respect of our neighbors.
    Neighbors shall be mindful and respectful of mutual rights as outlined in the community
    By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, Policy and Procedures, Schedule “A”, as well as other
    applicable local, state, and/or federal laws.
    Both buyers and realtors assess the appearance of the community as a whole when
    considering buying in Pine Ridge. How does your property look to a prospective buyer?
    Is the appearance of your home/property such that you would have pride in showing it to
    a prospective buyer? The state of your property affects everyone in the community –whether it is next door or a mile away.

Property owner shall:

  • Keep their lot/property in a reasonably clean and uncluttered appearance. Where
    lawns have been established, as well as properties with “natural growth”, the
    owner shall not let the property become unsightly. Lots with
    homes built on them shall take care as to maintain their property with reasonable
    care, so as not to “devalue” the surrounding properties. As per your schedule A
    requires enforcement measures such as to include but not be limited by
  1. No building on your property …other than one private detached dwelling
    house…Single family only, with one private garage…suitable only for the
    use of the occupants of such dwelling house. Warning with 10 days to
    correct otherwise – FINE $100per day until compliance.
  2. Drainage swales and ditches required by the drainage plan or revisions
    there of shall be kept free and clear of spoil, debris or other materials and
    any landscaping carried out or added by member shall not interfere with or
    alter in any way the drainage plan. Violation is – FINE $1000 plus
    30 days to remedy otherwise a $25per day until property is brought within
    specifications of the drainage plan revised or otherwise.
  3. No building shall be used for any profession, trade, employment,
    manufacture or business of any description etc.– FINE: $500
  4. SHORT TERM RENTAL –NOT ALLOWED. FINE $2000, Second Offense FINE $5000
  5. NO trailer, tent, barn, outbuilding, shack, or other temporary building shall
    be erected on the premises and no basement or garage shall be used as a
    residence either temporarily or permanently and no house shall be
    occupied prior to completion. No house that is considered unfinished can be
    occupied until it is inspected by the board of health and approved by the
    Lehman Township Zoning Officer and Building Inspector for the
    township. Safety of other members as well as the member of the property
    are priority. FINE: $2000and $50per day assessment up to 30
    days. If not rectified in 30 days, then $75 per day.



  • No building including but not limited to your dwelling, garage, or addition currently in place is permitted to be “unfinished”. Sheds must either be prefabricated, or if built by the homeowner (or contracted to be built for the homeowner) Roofs must be covered with proper roofing materials such as shingles or metal roofs; tarp coverings are not permitted except in emergency situations. 30 days to correct or Fine – $1000 and $25per day until corrected.


  • Homeowners shall put all household refuse in proper can type containers (as provided by waste pickup companies), which shall not be left out in front of homes more than 12 hours after trash pickup. – Fine $150



  • No more than two proper can type containers can have refuse within them and under no circumstance is any refuse to be stored on property where it may cause an eyesore, public health, or safety hazard. Should trashcans be knocked over or dragged out of the containers or bags, it is the responsibility of the owner to clean up the refuse within 12hours of the incident. Should the homeowner not clean up the property, the assessment shall be considered littering, with a Fine – $200. If refuse is not cleaned up within 12 hours a $100 finewill be assessed per day.


  • Reasonable care shall be taken with the operating of machines, stereo systems, and boom boxes so as not to disturb neighbors. If a homeowner is having a gathering where they may be entertaining, please notify the office/public safety, the situation will be taken into consideration should a complaint be filed with Public Safety. Any noise complaints will follow the established time/hour of the day limits for operating machines or other noise complaints when it is mandated that noise be minimal. QUIET HOURSare set as the hours between Sunday-Thursday 9PM-7AM and Friday & Saturday 12AM-7AM during which time no loud
    music is permitted. The homeowner will be notified by Public Safety that a complaint has
    been filed. Should the noise complaint be unresolved after notification by a Public Safety
    officer BOD, and/or a Manager – FINE $200 assessment shall be filed
    against the property owner. Should additional complaints be filed and the situation not
    resolved, each additional complaint investigated by Public Safety, Manager and/or a PR BOD shall require an additional $300 assessment per incident.


  • Minors 16 and under Curfew is 10 pm during school hours. Summer hours Sunday thru Thursday Friday and Saturday curfew is 11pm.


  • Windows in homes must be covered with curtains and blinds may not be covered by
    including but not limited to using bed sheets, comforters or towels. 10 days to comply and then – FINE $25 per day until rectified.


  • Portable basketball backboards must be removed from the ten foot right-of-way during
    the winter months to allow for snow removal, and if requested by the PRCA, or a utility
    company, to perform maintenance work. – FINE $100



  • No vehicle or machine revving in any residential area, amenity or community roads
    and vehicle or machine noise cannot pass 88 decibels.



  • Music or noise must not exceed 100 decibels and must only be during reasonable
    Non-Compliance – FINE $100


  • Any homeowner event that is 5 or more vehicles must notify register at the office and
    homeowner must alert public safety and the homeowner must keep the roadways clear for other residents, but especially emergency vehicles. – Non-Compliance- FINE $100


    FROM PINE RIDGE – Fine – $500PER VEHICLE. After 10 days to remedy – Fine $200.00
    per day per vehicle.



    Please be aware that there is a penalty for disturbing and feeding the wild life (deer) as listed in this excerpt from the State of PA Fish and Game Committee: A warning will be given for
    injuring the deer unless there is a continuance of the action or injury to the deer (TITLE
    34 GAME AND WILDLIFE CODE OF PA). SECTION 2162 – “Disturbance of game
    or wildlife . . . unlawful for any person to disturb wildlife . . . .”





  1. ASSOCIATION – The Pine Ridge Community Association, consisting of all owners
    and lots located in Pine Ridge, as described in deeds, recorded in the Recorder’s
    Office of Pike County Pennsylvania.
    2. GUESTS – Shall mean any invitee of a member or tenant.
    3. MEMBER – Shall mean any natural person, or persons, who has acquired by deed
    property located in Pine Ridge Community.
    4. MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING – Shall mean and refer to a member who has
    paid in full all outstanding dues, assessments, fines, fees, citations, finance charges,
    attorney fees, collection fees, legal costs of litigation, restitution for damages, and all
    other charges levied.
    5. RENTER OR TENANT – Any person who takes occupancy of any residence within
    the community to the exclusion of the owners thereof and pays rent or other fee for
    the occupancy of same. Any person who takes occupancy of any residence within the
    community to the exclusion of the owners thereof for a period of two (2) weeks or
    6. SINGLE FAMILY – Shall mean persons who are immediate family members of the
    legal owner or tenant of the property, related by blood or marriage. Immediate family
    shall mean: son/daughter, brother/sister, mother/father and shall include their spouses
    only when permanently residing with immediate family member occupying home. If
    the resident’s last name differs from the legal owner’s last name, it would be
    beneficial to the resident to register with the PRCA Office in the event emergency
    assistance is required.
    7. CURFEW – is to be defined as a regulation requiring certain or all people to leave the
    streets at a prescribed hour.
    8. CURFEW “UNDER SUPERVISION’ – is to be defined as separation distance of no
    more than 100 ft and within eyesight and hearing distance. An adult supervisor must
    be 18 years of age and a Pine Ridge resident, if not a Pine Ridge resident a duly
    appointed guardian of said property owner.
    9. COMMON AREA/RECREATIONAL FACILITIES – Shall mean any and all real
    property and easements and any interests therein, together with the facilities and
    improvements located thereon, now or hereafter owned by the Association, including,
    but not limited to:
    Pool 1 and tennis courts
    Public Security Guardhouses
    Tennis courts
    Community Clubhouse
    Victory Field
    Mailbox Area
    Basketball courts
    Picnic Area
    Parking Area Playgrounds
    All lakes located within the community
    Maintenance Building
    Office Building

    Fee Revision List
    Per 12/18/2010
    Rental fee for PRCA clubhouse facility (Revised May 3rd, 2017) $250.00
    Trash removal from clubhouse after event is $50.00
    Deposit fee for use of clubhouse $300.00
    Administrative request for copys: FEE: 0.25
    Per page copying charges of eligible PRCA records $2.00
    Building permit for New Construction $2000.00
    Renters Escrow $500.00
    Renters FEE $100.00
    Scrap Metal removal $30.00
    Resale Certificate $300.00
    Expedited Resale Certificate $50.00
    Landlord annual FEE for tenants $175.00
    Tree Permit FEE $15.00
    No Permit FEE for Roof, Deck, Pools you must contact the township for a permit.