In 1964 a Corporation was formed for the purpose of founding and developing a community for vacationers and for year-around residents ...a community to be called Pine Ridge, a name based on the fact that the area had always been called Pine Ridge going back for decades. It was an area for all of Bushkill's residents who owned livestock; for here was where they sent their livestock to graze. Also it was a haven for the hunters of Bushkill, Easton and Allentown areas; for here is where they would hunt deer but more particularly for the black bear.

All our area had been called Pine Ridge as far back as anyone can remember. The land was called Pine Ridge when the Schnoonovers came into its possession. It was called Pine Ridge when Mr. Suter bought it and used it as a hunters lodge. Therefore it was Pine Ridge land before Pine Ridge, Inc. bought it and proceeded to develop it into our present community. All in all, it can be said that we have a name that is geographically and historically fitting.

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